• Master your email rather than it managing you

    Training on how to use email professionally. Workshops, lectures and online coaching.


    Are you struggling with the constant overflow of email and other messaging apps? Do you feel your email keeps you from the “real work” you should be doing?


    It turns out that email is still the most important workplace communication tool, yet few teams have been trained on how to use it professionally. And not only are you dealing with email, but also the distraction of the non-stop pinging of social media and mobile apps.


    Try Speedmailing. Becoming better at managing email will give you more oversight of your tasks, an increased level of concentration and a sense of calm in your workday. Speedmailing is a simple and practical method that allows you to handle email and your productivity apps like a pro.


    Our workshops focus on email and mobile messaging and are applicable for all teams and professionals regardless of your role, company size, or email platform. By investing a little time and energy you can master your email rather than it managing you.



    Half day or full day in-company workshops

    This training is a hands-on, laptops-open, let’s-empty-your-inbox workshop. Our trainers, who are passionate personal productivity specialists themselves, will guide your team through understanding why this simple approach works and show them how to do it.


    All participants receive a copy of the Speedmailing book and get access to the online workshop following the training, to be able to refresh the workshop content at any time.


    Half-day workshop of max 10 people @ €1850.- per workshop
    Full-day workshop of max 10 people @ €2950.- per workshop


    In-company Speedmailing lectures (90 minutes)

    This lecture-style approach gives larger groups all of the tips and tricks to Speedmailing, as well as the theory behind why it works, in a high-energy presentation. Participants walk away knowing how to make the changes to their emailing, and can follow-up with additional, hands-on training as needed.

    Lectures for less than 25 people @ €1850,- (excluding books)
    Lectures for more than 25 people @ €2950,- (excluding books)

    Online coaching

    One-on-one in person or online coaching

    We also offer 1:1 training for executives, online Speedmailing coaching for individuals, and can create a custom training program to meet your needs.


    For more information on how we can help you master your email please contact one of our training partners below or drop us a note.

  • What our customers say?

    "It changes radically the way you organize your emails and by doing so, also your life."

    Lisa Weinans, Dealer Services CS Team Leader - Patagonia

    “One of the very best, most useful and practical workshops I have ever attended! An absolute recommendation to everyone; from General Manager to Trainee, from Marketing to Logistics. GREAT!!”

    Govert van Beuningen, Controller Professional Products Division – L’Oréal

    “The practical approach and well thought through overlap with time management turn this workshop into a great investment. It should be mandatory really!”

    Bob Schipper, Management Consultant Talent & Organization Performance - Accenture

    "A simple and effective way to become much more efficient in managing your e-mails."

    Suzan van de Kerk, Head Business Operations APAC - Swiss Re International SE Singapore

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